PictureHappy and content puppies
Proud to announce on 16 May 2013  the safe arrival of 9 puppies.  All doing really well!
3 girls and 6 boys - all black and white.
Sire:  Stylyn Justaskip Ovathsea (Imp Aust)
Dam:  NZCh Jazabil in Credit TCQ

Euro is now a big Test A dog. 
Gaining three wins on 30/03/2013 at Allbreeds
on 97.5 points, 28/04/2013 at Wainuiomata on 99.5 points and  12/05/2013 at Napier on 99 points.

24/11/2012 Euro's first ribbon (5th on 97 points).  Good boy Euro!  This was his first real show so I was really impressed that he worked so well. 

Visa enjoying the bed Credit won for her yesterday.  Credit won her last Test B on full points. 

So proud of my girls over the weekend at Hastings.  They both managed some pretty respectful rounds.  No matter how bad my footwork was they just stuck with me.  Love them to bits.  Credit managed a 4th on Saturday and 2nd on Sunday and Visa got 5th on Sunday.  I honestly wasn't expecting that we would be even able  to finish, so I am grateful that I have two very honest hard working girls that looked after me in the ring this weekend.
Well the Cast has finally come off but unfortunately there is not much more mobility AND it's rather painful.  Still working with the physiotherapist to get it mobile again.  On the plus side I can now have a spa which is fantastic.  Aim for this week - to be able to do more than static positions with the dogs.
For those of you that know me know I've been a cast forever (well since June).  From today I've got three more days to go until the cast comes off.  I'll probably be in a moon boot or similar for a while but at least I'll be able to enjoy my spa pool again.  Can't wait.

My dogs will also appreciate it as it's been really difficult exercising them in a cast.  Do you know how difficult it is to walk to the park with three dogs in a cast.  Thank god I have a dog treadmill.  I also wanted to see how my blog from my new website worked .
I'm currently feeding Orijen.

Breeder of Champion show bearded collies with true working ability. Jazabil is a small kennel but puppies are occassionally available so please enquire. Temprement and working ability is important to my breeding.